Match day gifts and retail items that are unique and inspiring, 3D crystal awards, only by Munich 72 Trophies

Are you looking for something completely unique and truly different to promote your brand? Munich 72 Trophies are proud to present our stunning range of 3D crystal awards. Each award is made from a block of the finest crystal glass, chosen for its exceptional clarity and stunning reflective qualities. Your chosen image and corporate branding are engraved within the glass block using sophisticated laser technology. The result is a three dimensional image which is striking to behold and presents your brand in an innovative and memorable way.

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At Munich 72 Trophies we have a proud tradition of supplying awards to clients ranging from local clubs to global brands.

These 3D Crystal Awards demonstrate our innovative and consultative approach with our clients. We are proactive in understanding our client’s needs and this is how this completely unique awards / gift range has been developed.

When you approach us to make your 3D crystal award, we will help you to choose an appropriate image for your product. We can work with images you present to us. Our expert designers can also advise you on how to design an image unique to your award.

Once your image is chosen, we will use our laser crystal engraving machine to focus a high intensity laser beam into a block of high calibre crystal. Our computer technology will accurately map every point of your image inside the crystal. The beauty of laser engraving is that the inside of the crystal can be engraved whilst the surface is left unmarked. Furthermore our lasers can capture every detail with exceptional precision and clarity. At the end of the process you will have a beautiful crystal block with an accurate three dimensional rendering of your image right inside the glass.

Ordering Process

  1. Email us photographs of the stadium
  2. Receive your artwork for approval within just 24 hours
  3. Upon confirmation of artwork, your 3D Cube will be ready within 8 weeks

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3D crystal cube example artwork


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Working with Munich 72 Trophies means that you will receive a personal service, from a market leading company. We have clients ranging from local community clubs to global brands and as our customer you will receive a dedicated service from our knowledgeable team.

We work in partnership with our clients, always striving to find ways to help you promote your brand, club, company or league in a way that represents you perfectly and within your budget.

Our company was formed in 1973 and during that time, we have NEVER let a client down.

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